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The taking of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding is not always justified in terms of health.
And if the athletes in professional sport sometimes go to such concessions, the using of anabolic steroids by amateurs rather creates problems.
The increase in muscle mass and strength can be ensured by use of anabolic steroids natural origin.

Natural anabolic steroids for muscle growth

testosterone foods
natural anabolics - Testosterone is the primary male hormone which ensures the growth of muscle mass and strength. Certain foods can increase the level of this hormone –
  • parsnip
  • horseradish
  • parsley
  • dill
  • more
Other means of increasing testosterone – here

- Anabolic effect of HGH is its impact on the recovery of damaged muscle fibers. it also promotes muscle growth and stimulates fat burning.
Good sleep increases the intensity production of this anabolic. Else, short-term stress – pain, cold, hunger, physical exertion.

- Consumption of protein foods of animal origin produces anabolic effects on muscles. At the same time, fatty foods overload the digestive system and provokes an increase in body fat, which are able to bind the principal anabolics (androgen), and even encourage its transformation into a female hormone - estradiol.

- Competition between insulin and testosterone in its anabolic effects, continues throughout many years.
INSULIN improves nutrient absorption, helps in building muscle and accumulation of energy reserves. So it complements the action of testosterone.
carbohydrates increase insulin levels
Rest after meals, domestic tranquility, as well as the use of products containing lipoic acid (beef, liver, milk) - helps Improve synthesis of insulin.

- Strength training is a stimulant of muscle growth, but its rise leads to an increase of the recovery period. Creatine helps to raise the intensity of the loads without the risk of over fatigue - this is the anabolic value of creatine.
The body replenishes the reserves of creatine, getting it from food (herring, pork), and also produces its own from other amino acids. Here - creatine in foods - more

psychological state
- Most athletes unfairly left without attention to the main anabolic steroid - the psychological state. This is completely wrong. Because the mental attitude can significantly increase the level of male hormones and the rate of recovery in one case, and in another - completely deplete the body and nervous system .
In accordance with natural selection, self-confidence and the psychology of winning makes our body strong and psyche steady . It works better than synthetic anabolic steroids.

taking anabolic steroids or health
- Of course, the reception of anabolic steroids is a simple and easy. But, the taking them without medical supervision can result in health problems.


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