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Men's testosterone


The main male hormone - testosterone maintain a healthy physical and psychological condition of the male body, if present in the blood in sufficient quantity. It is responsible for the physical differences between men and women, testosterone also supports the normal nervous system, is the primary antidepressant (it can be said - hormone of joy).


Testosterone is a steroid-like many biologically active substances, including, for example, and the familiar cholesterol or cortisol, which is so not liked bodybuilders. In sports, steroids have received a mixed assessment. This is due to the use of testosterone and substances similar to it in unnecessarily high doses.

Testosterone in male blood is present in different states (fractions). Most of this hormone is bound proteins. The smaller part of the same - the active testosterone, it performs most of the work in the male body.

Synthesis of androgen with reproductive system and adrenal glands begins after the command of the brain (more precisely - pituitary gland and hypothalamus) . This explains the dependence of the amount of testosterone on the health of the nervous system and psychological state of man.

testosterone normaMen testosterone norma

The norma of testosterone in men may differ markedly, thanks to genetic characteristics of a particular organism. Typically, the rate ranges from 10 to 40 nm /l, age in this matter. In 14-19 years old - the hormonal up, to 25-30 years - a high level. The level of 10 units is actually hard to call NORMA, as this is there are clear problems with potency.
Amount of active testosterone in the male body begins to slowly decline after about 30 years old , and related androgen - after 50. At the same time there is a significant increase in the level of estrogen - the female hormones (estrogen in male).
The first drop in bound testosterone can happen in 40 years that, given the reduction of the active hormone, often leads to the so-called mid-life crisis.
By the way, the female body just needs to testosterone, the rate is about one tenth of the male, usually up to 3 - 3.5 units.

High levels of androgenincrease in androgen

beneficial effect on the male body. Externally this is manifested physiologically in the following –
  • strengthening of bone and cartilage
  • increase in muscle and its strength
  • raising the general tone and strength endurance
  • reducing fat stores, as well as the distribution of male pattern - the lack of sediment on the legs, buttocks, breasts
  • thickening of the skin and hair, the distribution of hair by the male type - eg. on the face, chest, back
  • seal and increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments, which appears on the smartness and ease of movement
  • coarsening rates
man becomes more stable, less prone to stress states not to mention the depression. Calmer behavior, as well as a manifestation of greater character rigidity (not read - CRUELTY or aggression).
steroids As for the frequent manifestations of aggression faced by athletes which increase testosterone with anabolic steroids - this is due to a natural transformation of an excess of testosterone into ESTRADIOL - women hormone. Externally, it is usually accompanied by a small obese breast. Receiving an anti estrogen drugs helps to stop the feminization of male body, however, together with the side effects of anabolic steroids is causing more harm to the hormonal system.
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