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PROTEINS, FATS and CARBOHYDRATES can be used by us as a source of energy. With regard to their specific qualities, each of these elements is indispensable to our health and should come to us with food.
The most severe disturbances in the body occur during protein deficiency.

proteins PROTEIN
Proteins are the building materials for the body. Proteins consist of amino acids, nine of which are not synthesized in the human body and must be absorbed from food. The content of essential amino acids in animal foods is much higher than in plant. In addition, protein from plant foods can be metabolized by about 65%, while from animal by 90%.
A person should consume daily 1 gram of protein per kilo dead weight in the normal way of life. This minimum should be increased to 2 grams in sports training or other heavy physical exertion.
If you need to quickly increase muscle mass, you can use protein shakes to help to the main feeding.

fat FATS
We need a certain amount of it. Fats carry out energy-saving function and are used for the production of testosterone in the body.
Part of the fatty acids are essential and must come from food. LACK of fat leads to increased protein degradation, it can also affect digestion, health of skin, fragility of blood vessels and lead to hormonal disruptions.
Oversupply of fat - greatly increases the load on the cardiovascular system may disrupt the metabolism, increases the likelihood of of heart attack, stroke, diabetes.
Animals saturated fats come to us on a regular basis from such as meat (even lean) and have the ability to be deposited in reserve. At the same time, the unsaturated fats are not stocking in the body, but it is more necessary .
Unsaturated fats are important for the replenishment of essential acids as linoleic, linolenic, etc. Basically, they can be found in plant foods (vegetable oil, nuts). Unsaturated fats are easy to identify - they remain liquid at room temperature.

Carbohydrates are the best source of energy, while proteins and fats can also be converted for such purposes.
Carbohydrates can be simple and consist of one sugar molecule, it can be difficult - the two molecules, and polysaccharides (eg starch). Most useful are precisely polysaccharides. Fiber is also useful for health.
Lack of carbohydrates can lead to reduced protein levels. Excess carbohydrates as bad - leads to the transformation of carbohydrates into fat.
The best simple carbohydrates found in fruits and honey. Complex carbohydrates are found in large amounts in potatoes, bread (preferably wholemeal). If you need to quickly gain weight - use a protein-carbohydrate shakes - gainers.

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