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Motives to increase testosterone may be different , this may be need in an anabolic qualities of the male hormone for athletic performance (strength, endurance, muscle size), this and the desire to reduce the negative impact on the body and mind during the male menopause, as well as the desire to reduce the likelihood appearance of a bouquet of disease (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, impotence) at age androgen deficiency.

The manifestations of low testosterone levels
First of all, this is manifested in fast fatigability and emergence of excessive irritability . In sport - discrepancy between the results and the efforts, incomplete recovery between training sessions, the development of overtraining.

The man himself can easily identify a distinct lack of testosterone. These signs are SPECIFIC -
  • extinction of the libido
  • the general lack of energy
  • sudden flushes of heat, sweating
  • the appearance of forgetfulness
  • frequent mood swings (aggressive behavior, depression)

How to raise testosterone level in men naturally

The need to treat androgen deficiency with medication arises in severe cases. Usually, in medicine is directly used hormonal preparations, though in this case appear certain side effects, chief among them - the final suppression of natural testosterone production.

Improve your own hormonal status is possible with readily available means, if the situation is not clinical. It should be noted - psychological techniques , as well as the health of the nervous system is even more important than the physiological impacts. So, you need to pay attention to the following things to
raise testosterone level –
be a winner
- first of all, you are need a victories.

Many victories. Success in this business depends on the reality of the tasks which were supplied (It is fastest a way to include the production of testosterone).

- also the need to monitor the state of the nervous system. Its health has a direct impact on the hormonal status. Exhaustion of the nervous system causes frequent releases adrenaline and cortisol. And it can completely stop the synthesis of androgen.

- Abstinence markedly inhibits the production of testosterone, it contributes to a stagnant process and manifestation of the first signs of impotence in further. The load for the health of the reproductive system is needed as well as physical exercise for the musculoskeletal system.
- While moderate exercise helps to increase testosterone, excessive muscle tension or fatigue effect on the male body in the opposite way (sport medicine guarantee the health if the heavy physical exertion during the exercise will not take more than 60 minutes).
the testosteron therapy
- Foods for stimulate the natural raise of testosterone level - more

- Avoid foods that stimulate the synthesis of the female hormone estrogen in the male body. More is here
- Increase in acidity is the enemy of male hormones , Do not forget about antioxidants (the best option - a cup of green tea a day)

- Legal sports nutrition applies the kits containing basic substances which are necessary for the production of testosterone in male (hormones in pure form in these agents is not include).
вредные привычки
- You know about the bad addictions. We will not delve into this.

Read about the positive properties of a high level of testosterone for the male body - here . Causes and consequences of low hormonal status - more .

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