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Impact of creatine

Creatine is an amino acid, coming to us with food, as well as synthesized by the body when using - glycine, arginine and methionine. Our liver and kidneys are doing the main work in this process.

Almost all of the creatine stored in muscles, it is about 0.5 percent of muscle mass. We can get it a little bit of food. See more - creatine in foods.

HOW IT WORKS impact of creatine

The main effect of creatine - replenishment of energy reserves in our body.

Another is its effect in curbing the growth of lactic acid, this positive impact on the endurance.

The anabolic influence - the water content in muscle cells rises with increasing levels of creatine, that promotes the synthesis of proteins.

Also - suppression of MYOSTATIN (main destroyer of the muscles).

creatine works
The use of creatine impact in sports

- Bodybuilders can train longer, harder and recover faster.

- Creatine is of paramount importance for developing explosive strength in powerlifting and weight lifting.

- Running short distances - YES (100-200 m).

The function of creatine is primarily energy support, and thus to a greater or lesser extent, here you can enter any type of sport.

health Medicine

Creatine can support the work of the heart during anoxia, it has a positive effect on reducing cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory impact.

Side effects of creatine

First of all, it should be noted that creatine from food can not have side effects for our health. You can get about 3 grams of creatine per day for the strong and varied diet - for the average person is required in less than 2 grams per day.

sport foods Sports Supplements - another thing. Here are the most well-known side effects of creatine supplementation –

- medicine does not recommend it for children and adolescents

- the concentration of creatine supplements is not natural for our bodies - taking it on an empty stomach can result in diarrhea

- when the cells are gaining an adequate supply of creatine, its surpluses are excreted. It is an additional load on the kidney, which is acceptable only for completely healthy people

- the longer the body receives a net creatine, the greater the possibility of atrophy of its own making. After the standard five week admission, you will need about one month to restore the functions of own production

- cheap creatine, poorly manufactured or diluted - it is always harmful to health (miser pays twice)

- creatine has the effect of increased muscle tone and the desire to continually raise the intensity of your workouts - if an athlete does not comply with the measure he can ruin his HEART.


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