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Low testosterone in men

is mainly due to genetic predisposition, or age-related changes. The hormonal surge occurs in adolescence, then the testosterone level is high up to about 30 years of age. After this age, androgen levels begin to decline slowly but inexorably. Testosterone in men is considered to be truly low, if its level is reduced to 14 units (nm/l), and when the symptoms androgen failure become noticeable externally.
What else affects the reduction of testosterone (other than age or genetic make up)?

It is MOST often – causes of low testosterone

overloads of the nervous system
- First of all, the lack of male emotion (needed victory).
- Job which associated with constant stress.
- Family problems.
- The total exhaustion of the nervous system.
pernicious habits
dangerous addictions
– Smoking - beats strongly through the blood vessels.
- Abuse of alcohol.
- Drugs disrupt the hormonal system is fully. Testosterone levels in children taking narcotics corresponds to its level in the ELDERLY.

- Long-term abstinence - FIRST.
- Lack of exercise (as well, and immoderate trainings).
- The eating of so-called women's foods.
- Obesity contributes to the transformation of testosterone to ESTROGEN.

A noticeable damage to the hormonal system cause the consequences from the use of potent drugs.

The signs and effects of low testosterone

Falling levels of androgen in men is accompanied by an increase of female hormones - estrogens.
The consequences of this –
  • decline in physical strength and endurance
  • decrease in muscle volume
  • increase in body fat, the distribution it of the female type - thighs, breasts, buttocks
  • manifestations of psychological instability - frequent bouts of aggression alternating with apathy, anxiety, lack of interest in life
medicineIf testosterone fall STRONGLY
man begin to experience frequent hot flashes, sudden dizziness. The main trouble -
  • serious violations of sexual, anxiety associated with the still more disturbs the psychological state
  • feelings of depression, the emergence of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, inability to concentrate for a long time
  • sleep disturbance, fatigue, exhaustion of the nervous system (as a consequence)
  • weakening of the bone tissue, reducing the thickness and elasticity of cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • pressure surges and heart rate. Low testosterone hits the vessels, with a time, it can lead to heart attack or stroke
Androgen deficiency should be remedied as soon as possible, what would prevent irreversible changes in male body.
If the situation still does not require medical intervention then you can improve the hormonal status of readily available funds - how to raise testosterone levels.

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