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In fact, it is very easy to quickly build muscles if you remove the main obstacles, namely -
  • a strong desire to increase muscle fast (the risk of over fatigue)
  • neglect of the rules of sports nutrition and recovery
  • psychological aspects

How to get muscle faster

strength training
- Work with your own body weight - less. Training with a barbell on the large muscle groups (deadlift, bench press, squat) - much more. The body protects itself from these pressures by increasing its own weight - MUSCLE MASS.
set of muscle
- The MILD load of strength training will help pump up your muscles. But if you bring the body to a stress state with a strong release of cortisol - then your muscles will decrease. More -

high cortisol

Adequate physical exercise is a 4 workouts per week for 1 hour or 5 training sessions for 50 minutes. But three strength training in the week for 2 hours is very harmful for a getting of muscle mass.
Testosterone levels increases markedly after 40 minutes of intense training, and cortisol grows after 1 hour.

- Do not finish workout until you achieve muscle relaxation, 10 minutes of light physical training and stretching will accelerate the recovery.

- If you feel a reluctance to exercise, then you come upon exhaustion. Such a condition requires a sharp decrease in physical activity, but do not skip trainings.


energy for muscle The assimilation of protein is highest in the morning, as well as in the first two hours after strength training. It should be remembered for fast muscle building.

stop the catabolism Long interruptions in food provoke the body to use muscle proteins for energy needs. Do not skip lunch.

proteins are not absorbed during sleep The proteins are not digested during the night. If you OVEREAT before bedtime, it will contribute to body fat and your muscles are affected only. Overeating also prevents the recovery of the body.

protein for muscle growth The number of protein consumption should be at the rate of 1.5 - 2 grams per kilo own weight . The main protein foods - chicken, eggs (protein), veal, fish, dairy products. A moderately - pork, beef.

dill and parsley for testosterone and psychological stability Good humor is important to keep post-prandial. Manifestations of anxiety or anger inhibit the production of insulin, it is great harm for absorption of nutrients.

adequate restoration = a health and muscle growth RECOVERY
The main rules
  • The basis of rapid recovery is a psychological position, namely - confident, calm, no aggression after training. But the state of stress are eating our muscles and totally burns energy reserves.
  • Good healthy sleep.
  • The mobile lifestyle.
  • Fresh air, forest walks (if possible), sauna (not often).
In general, if you follow these simple rules you will get those muscles which you need.

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